Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on your home, resulting in roof repairs or even replacement. We'll work with you to decide on a roof that fits your home's style and safety and help you select the appropriate materials that are best for your home. This ensures the roof itself suits the structure to avoid future damage or issues.

As a family-owned and operated business in the DFW Metroplex, Amaral Construction and Remodel is committed to using the highest quality materials and best techniques in the industry for every project. More importantly, we are dedicated to our mission of providing the best customer service possible from start to finish.



Our Services

Roof Replacement

Your roof is your home's first defense against harsh weather conditions.  It's important to fix any damage to your roof immediately to prevent more future problems.  Small or big, we'll help you ensure your issue is taken care of with the upmost care. 

Flashing Repair

Water can be one of the biggest attributes to erosion and that's exactly what it will do to your roof. Flashing helps guide water away from areas it doesn't belong.  It allows it to carry the water safely over the inevitable crevices, cracks and gaps in the building's exterior.

Pipe Booth Repairs

As outside temperatures change throughout the year, your roof naturally expands and contracts.  As your roof expands and contracts, your roof boot shifts, resulting in peel ups or cracks. If your roof boot moves or is damaged, it can allow water to penetrate your roof.

Soffit Repairs

Soffit vents are imperative to draw fresh air into the attic and flush the hot air through the roof vents. In colder conditions it helps reduce moisture which can lead to mold and mildew.  If you have an older home you may not have this installed. It should be something worth adding to your home.

Fascia Repairs

Fascia is just one area that can sustain damage and require repairs. Fascia boards are straight, long boards that run along a roof’s lower edge. They act as a barrier or layer between a roof’s edge and the exterior of a home.  Replacing them correctly can prolong the life of your new fascia boards. 

Decking Replacement

Replacing your deck will give you a reason to invite your friends and family over for a BBQ. The main things we want to look at is the surface of the deck, the deck posts, beams and joists, and the fascia board.  Investing in more durable materials could increase the life of the structure. 

Rest easy knowing you hired Amaral roofers

We have partnered with roofers with 15+ Years of experience.

We at Amaral provide you with the upmost professional services and customer experience you deserve. We know how important everything is inside your home so we make it a priority to give you the best materials and service we can.  We will work with you to provide you the best roofing options available to you and your family. 

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